• Monthly / Bi-Monthly / Quarterly

The concept.

In short, the definition of maintenance is a process of preserving something.  The largest investment in most peoples life is a home. Even the simplest maintenance like changing air filters doesn’t get completed enough to prevent the filters from getting excessively dirty and straining the HVAC system…let alone does anyone routinely flush and drain their water heater or clean their dryer exhaust vent…NOT LIKELY!  People wait, then make repairs after they’ve missed visible and mechanical signs the failure was coming. If they had done a little maintenance on many parts of their homes very intricate mechanical infrastructure…they may have prevented, prolonged or prepared for the failure.

What is routine maintenance?

It is a schedule of maintenance on all those mechanical infrastructure components throughout the exterior and interior of the home.  It will be scheduled on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or one time service. On each service we will perform a primary set of maintenance or inspections services, then every 6 months as scheduled we will perform additional bi-annual maintenance, finally every 12 months as scheduled we will perform additional annual maintenance.  All the items being inspected and maintained are detailed below. It is important to note that although maintenance is good and required or recommended by manufacturers; it is not a warranty or insurance that these items will not fail or need additional repairs outside of the routine maintenance we offer or in some situations outside of our ability.

How it works?

The main goal of EHS is to build routine maintenance customers with a target on either bi-monthly (every other month) or quarterly (every 3 months).  Customer will be in “Annual Agreements” which by the completion of the year we will have performed maintenance as follows:

Every Service

  • Replace air filters

  • Replace light bulbs (as needed)

  • Inspection, test or maintenance:

    • of water main, fixtures, spickets and Pressure Regulator Valve

    • of Pressure Vacuum Breaker, irrigation control valves / solenoids

    • of dryer lint trap & exhaust / washer drain and water supplies

    • of pool pump and filters

    • of water heater / gas line / water lines

    • of HVAC (Basic visual inspection of major components)

    • of water softener and RO / Water Purification System

    • for leaks or water damage under sinks

    • for insect infestation and conducive conditions

    • for proper function of toilets, faucets and sink drains

    • for proper operation of appliances

    • for visible structure or cosmetic repairs needed

    • Every 6 Months

    • Replace & Date Smoke Detectors Batteries (as needed)

    • Every Year

    • Clean dryer exhaust vent

    • Drain and flush water heater

    • Clean fridge coil and filter (if applicable)

    • Clean hvac condenser coil and basic system operation test

So for example a quarterly customers annual service would look like this:

- 1st Service: All services on the “Every Service” list above plus 1 item from the “Every Year” list.

- 2nd Service: All services on the “Every Service” list above plus 1 item from the “Every Year” list and the “Every 6 Months” service.

- 3rd Service: All services on the “Every Service” list above plus 1 item from the “Every Year” list.

- 4th Service: All services on the “Every Service” list above plus 1 item from the “Every Year” list and the “Every 6 Months” service.


In example, at the end of the year we will have performed the “Every Service” services 4 times, the “Every 6 Months” service 2 times and each of the “Every Year” services 1 time in that completed year.

What to expect?

On the first service we will perform a thorough home evaluation taking note of details to effectively set EHS up to know what materials to bring to routine service.  In addition, it allows us to know what parts may be needed if the customer calls for an unscheduled repair, it makes us look very professional and educates customer on all the things they didn’t know needed to be done.  Along with the detailed inspection and evaluation we will perform the initial maintenance services of changing air filter, testing smoke detector batteries, adding salt to water softener, replacing light bulbs and one of the annual “every year” services. Upon completion we will review with the customer all findings of inspection, identify filter preferences, identify light preferences, add on services like RO filters, schedule repairs if necessary and collect payment/signature.

One subsequent routine services... EHS will perform regular scheduled maintenance services and inspection.

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